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ALTEREDU Nonprofit Ltd was established by pedagogists, in order to influence the paradigm shift of education and to accelerate the quality improvement of education in Hungary, in 2019. ALTEREDU’s main goal is  to strengthen teachers and educators participation in education, to gather experts together, provide support for them and coordinate their collaboration in order to update the level of education according to the 21st century’s need, in Hungary. It is co-working with other NGO’s in the elaboration and  launch of new approaches of curricula and methodologies.


EduCluster Finland (ECF) is an operating arm of the University of Jyväskylä, specialising in system performance and development, co-creation of large-scale educational processes through technical assistance, and localised design of educational solutions. ECF has been acknowledged as a pioneer in refining and customising components of the Finnish education system to fit in different cultural settings globally.Their professional development (PD) programmes are designed for all educators, principals and also to those working in the vocational education sector.


At Finn minta, we are promoting innovative education practices and study opportunities from Finland. Our mission is to aid the development of teachers in Hungary and globally through sharing innovative and modern practices applied by the leading Finnish education system. We have a comprehensive understanding and experience in both Hungarian and Finnish education systems, cultures and approaches. We are experienced in network facilitation and community building, as well as of digital communication.